The Proven Method for Navigating, Communicating and Collaborating with an Increasingly Diverse Workforce

Managing employees of different races, religions, generations, abilities, languages, lifestyles, and genders can be challenging for employers. Learning to navigate and communicate across cultural differences can reduce tension and workplace disruption.

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This self-paced course is packed with powerful tools to get you working toward your goals right away. The course instructors bring decades of leadership wisdom right to you. You put in the work; you will get the results.

Leadership Diversified includes 3 modules to teach you how to:

1. Navigate...

...organizational culture and map out your leadership path.

2. Communicate...

...with a diverse set of team members and coworkers.

3. Collaborate...

...for greater performance as you lead a diverse workforce.


What is Leadership Diversified?

The One Thing

Are you serious about DEI?

Why Leadership Diversified?

Who is the course for?

Building Better Leaders

Developing other leaders

If you're a manager or supervisor who wants to be a better leader, this course will help you learn how to to create an inclusive and productive workplace.


This Course is for Rising Stars: If you are a rising star preparing to move into executive leadership, the course's information is crucial for your growth and success.

This Course is for Stuck LeadersIf you are a more seasoned leader looking for an edge to push you to the next tier, take this course. Often our careers can get stuck. Get unstuck and use the tools in the course to energize your progress as a leader.

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Don't waste your time on impractical leadership theory or pie-in-the-sky diversity training. 

Our Course

Leadership Diversified is not a course of STUDY, but a course of ACTION for professionals ready to effectively engage their diverse workforce. 

The information in this course information applies to a wide variety of sectors, is easy to follow, and practical.

Meet Your Instructors

Glen Guyton

Hey, I'm Glen! Your cultural competency navigator. I am happy to be on this cultural competency leadership journey with you. I have over 27 years of experience leading organizational change in the public, non-profit, and corporate sectors. In addition, I am a Qualified Administrator (QA) for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), an essential tool in helping organizations measure the success of their approach to diversity and inclusion. I am proud to be a member of the National Speakers' Association and a certified virtual presenter.

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Michael Danner

Hey, I'm Michael. I am here to help you build better leaders. I am an expert in speech communications. I bring over 20 years of experience in leadership and team management, specializing in nonprofit engagement. My passion is helping small organizations thrive, delivering content through speaking, writing, training, and executive coaching.

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Rachel S., PhD

Leadership Educator

As a leadership theory educator, I know Leadership Diversified answers the call of many organizations today. Helping leaders increase their cultural competence within the context of leadership development integrates a grossly overdue skillset that lies at the center of organizational success and our communities' health.

Augusta M., Esq.

Member National Bar Association

Leadership Diversified is critical in today's marketplace, especially for managers and leaders. The modules are impactful, effective, easy to get through, and filled with relevant information, helping you become more culturally competent and aids you in leading a multi-generational workforce. The course is full of helpful resources -in particular, I liked the Monroe Motivated Sequence in Module 2 - which really guided me in the best way to communicate with my team. I heartily recommend this course.

Jasmine H., MBA

Financial Analyst

The course was so great. As a young leader, I was so surprised by how relevant the information was. This information was perfect. I can't wait to talk to my supervisor about my leadership goals. The course was so helpful.

Jumpstart your journey to becoming a more culturally competent and effective leader.

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